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What Door is Right for You?

We know shopping for a garage door is a significant task if you aren't familiar with what to look for. So we want to make the process fun and easy! If you have never had to purchase a garage door, or haven't done so for many years, here is an easy tutorial on what factors to consider in your search.

What to Consider...

Don't settle for ordinary when extra-ordinary is within reach! Garage doors come in many different designs, colors, insulation values and sizes. There are many different looks to consider other than the traditional raised panel garage door. Look at the rest of your home's architecture, and then find the design that matches it well.

How long your door will last, what kind of punishment it can take, or even how much annual maintenance it will require is strongly determined by the material used to make the door.

Steel doors offer long durability with only occasional need for cleaning or touch-up. Fiberglass doors can last even longer, especially in environments with harsh weather conditions. And with the advent of Wayne-Dalton's Model 9800 fiberglass doors which is made with Therma-Tru's AccuGrain™ Technology, is as close as you can get to the realdepth of wood.

Which brings us to real wood, which requires the most maintenance, as it will need painted or stained every few years. But if the look and feel of real wood is what you want, then it's a choice that can't be beat.

Polyurethane or Polystyrene - should you care? You bet you should!With today's high energy costs, insulation in a garage door is just as valuable as anywhere else in your home. The number of uninsulated garage doors sold continues to decline as consumers demand energy efficiency for cost savings and comfort, which is more important than ever as more people use their garage as a work place or social gathering spot, and not just storage.

The thermal property of insulation is expressed as an R-value. A higher R-value can translate into lower energy usage, cost, and even reduce outside noise or help the door operate more quietly. Most insulated doors are constructed using polystyrene or polyurethane foam.

A polystyrene insulated door can be thicker but has a lower R-Value than polyurethane. If you are looking for energy efficiency and a high R-Value, do not be fooled by the thickness of the door! A polyurethane insulated door might look thinner but actually offers a much higher insulation R-value.That is because of the way the insulation expands during the manufacturing process to tightly fill the cavity between the two steel panels as it chemically bonds to the skins of the door. Not only does this make the door better insulated, it also makes the door incredibly strong and helps lessen noise while the door operates, as is common with single sheet metal doors that have no insulation or even polystyrene insulation.

Don't think you want windows in your garage door? Think again!

Many people underestimate the value the windows can add to a garage door. To best illustrate the difference, select a sample home from Wayne-Dalton's Garage Door Design Center and look at it with and without windows. The difference can be stunning and turn an ordinary or even a good looking door into an even better one. They also allow natural light into the garage that can make a gloomy garage interior much more appealing during the day. If you want to be able to look out your garage door, have the windows put in the third section from the bottom. If you don't want to look out the door, but want the beauty and natural light of windows, then have them put in the top section of the door.

Everyone has a budget. Well, most of us anyway. However, many people are surprised by how affordable garage doors can be. Most guess twice as much as what it actually comes out to be.

Generally, premium wood doors are the most expensive, then fiberglass doors, steel doors with and without vinyl or PVC overlays, and then uninsulated, single sheet steel doors and lower grade wood doors.

When considering what to spend though, consider that this purchase won't be made again for many, many years, if ever. And what you put on your garage now will have a big impact on the garage itself and maybe even more significantly, to the rest of your home. A few extra dollars now could give a benefit of a lifetime, and raise the value of your home to a new level.

Can the largest moving object in my house be dangerous? Make sure it isn't.

Safety is a concern with any product, and garage doors are no different. Since it is a large moving object that many family members interact with, it should have as many safety features as possible.

Pinch-resistant doors feature a design that pushes fingers out of harm's way should they accidentally be placed too close to a closing door.

Tamper resistant bottom brackets reduce the risk of injury from garage door components under tension. The polyurethane insulation even provides better fire safety in that this type of insulation reduces the amount of smoke and flames in the event of a fire.

Also, for additional safety, see what is new with counterbalance springs described in item #5.

(This is the spring above the inside of your door that lifts it up and down. Is the spring enclosed in a metal tube, or exposed?)

Counterbalance springs are how your door is actually lifted and closed. It is not the opener that actually lifts and closes your door. That just provides the push to get the door moving. It's actually the springs, which are wound tightly when your door is closed. As the door moves up, the springs unwind, which provide the force necessary to lift the door. As the door closes, the weight of the door actually winds the springs back up until it closes completely. At this point the springs have their full tension again.

TorqueMaster ® Counterbalance

TorqueMaster is Wayne-Dalton's exclusive counterbalance system that safely and cleanly contains the springs inside a steel tube. The TorqueMaster design helps prevent injury that could result from the accidental release of tension.

These springs are normally exposed and when they are under full tension, can be extremely dangerous. Especially if they break and parts of it come flying loose, or if an inexperienced person tries to adjust them, which should never be tried.

The TorqueMaster® Plus counterbalance system is a Wayne-Dalton exclusive that encases potentially dangerous garage door springs inside a steel tube. If the spring should happen to break after years of usage, it will do so safely inside the tube. Tension for the spring, which still should be done by a professional, is adjusted by using the winding mechanism on the side of the tube, and not by having to adjust any part attached to the exposed spring.

TorqueMaster Plus adds a patented anti-drop device to the safest springing system on the market. This device protects you and your family by holding the door in a safe position in the event of a spring failure.

Wayne-Dalton garage doors and Genie® openers offer a dynamite door and opener combination that can't be beat! The Genie brand has a long history of reliability and quality that consumers trust and ask for by name.

The Genie ReliaG™ 800 opener (model 2024) offers power, value, and reliability, making it a great choice for homeowners and builders. It has a quiet, yet powerful 1/2 HPc* Power Plus DC motor that opens residential sectional doors weighing up to 500 pounds. The unit comes with either a belt or chain rail, along with a wall console, a three-button remote, a two-bulb lighting system and 10-year limited motor warranty.

The Chain Lift® / BeltLift™ opener (model 1024) also comes in either chain or belt drive and has a 1/2 HPc** DC motor that can lift up to 350 pounds. It is available with a three-button remote, a one-bulb lighting system, and a 5-year limited motor warranty.

And then there's the Screw Drive opener (model CM8600), a long time favorite of many discriminating customers. The solid steel screw drive allows for maximum lifting force and has a direct drive design that uses fewer parts, which means longer life. Screw Drive features a 1/2 HP AC motor and comes with a wall console, three-button remote, two-bulb lighting system, and lifetime limited motor warranty. Wayne-Dalton garage doors and Genie openers...two great names bring their dynamic products together for a garage door system that's second to none!

Additional accessories available for ordering include 1-, 2-, and 3-button transmitters, wireless keypads, 3-function wall consoles, and other items.

Many manufacturers offer a warranty, but few go so far as to offer anything more than one year. Wayne-Dalton offers some of the best warranties in the industry, including many of its models with Lifetime Limited warranties. Other models have 10 years, which is still a significant time frame.

Good warranties offer you the peace of mind that the manufacturer is confident about the design and construction of its doors, and will back that up should the door happen to fail for reasons noted in the warranty.

Make sure your installer has a valid California Contractor's License. California Law requires anyone installing a garage door over $500 in price to hold a valid contractor's license. California Law also requires that contractor's publish their license in EVERY advertisement. If you can't find it, the business is either contracting illegally or isn't following the disclosure law. Either of these are a major red flag.

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